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Our language learning educational program for kids is designed to foster Intellectual Improvement through multilingual education and to preserve native linguistic proficiency by reiterating the values of culture, beliefs, heritages and to promote cultural diversity and multilingualism across the globe.

Popular Courses

2-3 Classes a week or 1 Class a week with morning or evening sessions

French Immersion Program Online

Our highly qualified native speaking French tutors will leverage our tailored curriculum and coach you through your language learning experience from welcome, exercise, practice through action workstreams. Our personalized learning experience and innovative curriculum follow international and local provincial standards (Ontario and others) to meet the students’ educational success.

2-3 Classes a week or 1 Class a week with morning or evening sessions

Core & Extended French Program Online

Our highly qualified native speaking French tutors will coach students with fundamental skills in all aspects – Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening in French. On top of that, coaches will help students understand the nature of the language, practical knowledge and culture. Students will advance through an organized sequence of learning experiences that permits a steady accumulation of knowledge and skills.

Monthly 4 classes over the weekend or Flexible class schedule/frequency to suit your needs (week days as well as weekends)

Tamil Language Classes for Kids Online

  • Easy-to-follow tailored curriculum integrates nativity into the learning with the most essential vocabulary and games
  • Highly qualified teachers from Tamil Nadu Origin to guide your kids through your language journey all the way from Beginner to Native Speaker
  • Very interactive, game-based and blended learning for providing comprehensive learning experience to the kids
  • Empowering kids to know about our language culture, identity roots and heritage
  • Tailored levels to become well-rounded in Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing based on the recommendation from Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA)
  • Term wise curriculum for the entire school year which starts immediately
  • Participate in Tamil Cultural Programs to display their skills and learning, Network with Tamil Community to foster your culture and identity.

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Best-in-class Virtual Learning Experiences

  • Students are grouped as per the skills and age groups and are aligned with the CEFR level. If you want to learn more about CEFR, view here.
  • Google meet or Zoom Video Conferencing is used for providing virtual classroom experience as close as possible to the in-person class.
  • Keep it small! 1-10 students max per class
  • The teacher will be an qualifed, native speaking teachers with many years of experience 
  • Free consultation and trial class for better assessment of their skills and map them to the right level based on on their skills. 
  • Our curriculum is personalized and flexible which can be tailored based on the student’s needs.
  • Google Classroom is used for tracking homework, sharing feedback, interaction with teacher. 
  • Focused on developing all the four essential skills Reading, Speaking, Writing, Listening in a lesson hour.
  • Weekly feedback of student progress to the parents.
  • For more questions, please refer to our FAQ page or directly reach out to us.